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Legal News | 5.08.21

Wills in the 21st Century – Part II

Teamwork makes the Will work

Team GB may have performed well at the Olympics from swimming to BMX, gymnastics to diving but doing it yourself and diving in at the deep end and writing your Will can feel daunting.

Modern families are not always about 2.4 children; working out what to do and how to keep the peace can seem as daunting as performing a synchronised dive. However, you can avoid that sinking feeling by talking to your family about the decisions you are making and the reasons why.

Discussing your thoughts with your family at the time of writing your Will can help to avoid conflict when you pass away, particularly if you have left members out for a specific reason.

In addition to considering whom you wish to inherit your assets, you will also need to decide who you want to act as your executor(s). Executors are the people who will deal with your estate when you die. Before you dive in headfirst, it may be worth discussing your intentions with them so you can answer any queries they may have. This will also give you the opportunity to disclose any information they will need to know, including where your original Will is stored.

Bereavements are inevitability a difficult time for family members, so ensuring your Will is legally binding and accurately reflects your wishes, in addition to assuring them in advance that there will be no hidden surprises, can lift a huge weight off their shoulders and keep their head above water. Unlike Team GB’s impressive Olympics performance, silence isn’t always golden.

If you would like help making a Will or to review your existing one, or help making a Codicil, please do not hesitate to contact your usual Wansbroughs contact or email wealth@wansbroughs.com.


Posted By Our Wills, Tax, Trusts & Probate Team