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Legal News | 12.10.23

Law Commission consults on law of wills


The Law Commission, the body responsible for reviewing and recommending reform of the law in England and Wales, has opened a supplementary consultation on the law of wills.

The Law Commission first consulted on the law of wills in 2017 but this supplementary consultation focusses on two specific issues:

  1. Electronic wills. The Law Commission believes that the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges isolation posed to the witnessing of wills have started a conversation on the use of technology in the making of wills.
  2. The rule that a marriage or civil partnership revokes a will. The Law Commission also believes that cases of predatory marriage, where a person marries someone who is elderly or vulnerable as a form of financial abuse, have called into question the appropriateness of the rule that a marriage or civil partnership revokes a will.

The supplementary consultation closes on 8 December 2023.  The Law Commission will then report to the Government on its recommendations for reform.

We, at Wansbroughs, will keep you updated on any proposed changes that might affect you.


Posted By Our Wills, Tax, Trusts & Probate Team