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Legal News | 1.06.22

Is your Will fit for a Queen?

Her Majesty doubtless has her affairs in order, could you learn a thing or two from her?

You might not own swans on the Thames, all dolphins in British waters or even a selection of corgis, but that should not stop you thinking about your pets after your death.
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Your home might not literally be a castle but you should still consider who will inherit when you die. Blended families are now commonplace, even with the royals, and you might want to think about security for your spouse while still providing for your children.

Courtesy of Coutts bank, the Queen reportedly has a private ATM machine in the basement of Buckingham Palace. If you have access to enough cash you might want to consider lifetime gifts. You might also want to think about leaving cash gifts (to friends, relatives or charities) in your Will.

Not so much Crown Dependencies but you might have young dependants. If so, consider a guardianship clause in your Will.

Personal possessions
Differences in wealth aside, most of us have personal possessions that we class as priceless because of their sentimental value. You may wish to leave gifts of such items in your Will or an accompanying letter of wishes to ensure that your cherished items pass to the right person.

If you would like help making a Will fit for a queen or to review your existing one, please do not hesitate to contact your usual Wansbroughs contact or email wealth@wansbroughs.com.


Posted By Our Wills, Tax, Trusts & Probate Team