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Legal News | 15.04.20

Fortnightly updates from the Family team to stay connected

Family updates - Divorce & Separation

Throughout these unprecedented times, Wansbroughs remains committed to ensuring that our clients are kept up to date with the most current legal advice and updates. As a result, we are launching a fortnightly Family newsletter to ensure that you are kept fully informed.

Divorce and COVID-19

In recent weeks, a lot of emphasis has been placed on social distancing and remaining at home, during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, for couples whose relationships are breaking down, or those in the process of divorcing, this may have placed them in an impossibly difficult situation. They could face the prospect of being stuck in their home, with an ex-partner, in a toxic and unhealthy environment. Something which would be detrimental to everyone concerned including any children of the family.

The government guidance has been clear that people who need to remove themselves from these relationships, particularly if they are abusive, should do so despite the restrictions placed on our movements at this time. The Family team at Wansbroughs are in a position to progress these matters for you and, if necessary, take steps to safeguard you and your family from further harm.

Can my child move between different parental households?

This is a question being asked by many separated parents in these unprecedented times. The Government has made it clear that the current Covid-19 restrictions do not prevent children from moving between households to spend time with both of their parents. However, it is also recognised that such arrangements can increase the risk to children and both households. We will be providing more detailed advice on this issue in an upcoming newsletter but if you need help in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Children Law specialists who would be happy to talk through your particular circumstances to provide you with individual advice.

How have Wansbroughs adapted to these changing times?

Protecting the health of our clients and staff is of paramount importance to us and therefore, in line with the current social distancing restrictions, we are no longer offering face-to-face meetings. This will not prevent us at Wansbroughs offering our full range of Family Law services. There is absolutely no reason to delay your separation, divorce or Children Act application at this stage.

Here are some of the steps we at Wansbroughs have taken to ensure we can continue to operative effectively for our clients during the lockdown:

  • We will be facilitating client meetings via telephone or video conferencing. We are able to offer our clients a range of alternatives in respect of the latter including Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom. Therefore, clients can progress their matter and obtain advice from our Family team from the comfort of their own homes;
  • We will continue to keep clients regularly updated via email, post and the telephone. The Family Team continues to operate on a full time basis and we are able to pick up and address any urgent matters that arise during this period;
  • We will continue to liaise with the Court in respect of new and ongoing proceedings. There will be an emphasis on electronic correspondence and indeed hearings during this period. This is something we will cover in greater detail in our next newsletter.

What we will cover in our next newsletter

  • The new electronic divorce portal;
  • Remote Court Hearings.


Posted By Our Divorce & Separation Team