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Legal News | 18.06.20

Disinheriting someone from your Will?

No one sets out in life looking for estrangement; in fact, wealth, health and happiness are far more likely goals. However, sometimes things just happen and you may get to the point when – however reluctantly – you decide that you want to disinherit someone from your Will.

Sounds easy?

In theory, we have testamentary freedom in England and Wales meaning that, if you’re of sound mind, you are entitled to make a Will leaving your estate to whomever you wish.

But in practice?

Whilst you may have genuine reasons for disinheriting someone, you must be careful about how this is done and specialist advice should be sought, as was noted in the recent cases of Clitheroe v Bond and Illot v Mitson.

Wansbroughs can offer you help and advice when preparing your Will to make sure all correct procedures are followed and to try to minimise the chances of a successful challenge.

Nothing in life is certain (and those goals of wealth, health and happiness may remain out of reach) but we will do all we can to try to ensure that your estate passes to those you want to inherit, and is kept out of the hands of those you do not.


Posted By Our Wills, Tax, Trusts & Probate Team