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Legal News | 2.12.21

Christmas is a time for …. talking?

Everyone has their fingers firmly crossed that this Christmas will see us celebrating with family and spending time together spreading holiday cheer. If that is the case, and let’s hope it is, then these get-togethers might prove the perfect opportunity for some open discussions.

Being open with your family about your thoughts for the future, and plans for your estate, is always worth consideration.

Whether it’s a frank discussion about your funeral wishes, an explanation as to why you’re not intending to divide your estate equally between your children or making sure the family knows where to find details of your Will and assets after your death, there is plenty of fodder for filling those quiet moments between raising a glass and filling yourself with festive food.

Here are a few possible topics for filling those quiet moments:

1. Have you thought about who would make decisions for you if you lost mental capacity? Why not talk about a Lasting Power of Attorney both for your property and finances and your health and welfare, then come to us for help preparing these.

2. Is your family aware of your funeral wishes?

3. Have you told them where to find your Will and are there any surprises in it? Might it be worth preparing your family for those?

4. If you’re organised enough to have a schedule of your assets that will help your executors after your death then make sure they know where to find it.

5. Have the named beneficiaries in your Will changed address since you wrote your Will? It’s worth making sure that you have a note of up to date addresses.

6. Have you made lifetime gifts to some of your children or grandchildren but not others? If you want the position equalised after your death then speak to your usual contact at Wansbroughs to ensure that the provisions of your Will ensure this will happen.

7. How are you leaving your personal possessions under your Will? If you are leaving an accompanying letter setting out your wishes for their distribution then is it up to date and stored where it will be found?

If the family is visiting this Christmas then with these useful tips, not only can you celebrate together, but also keep the conversation flowing!


Posted By Our Wills, Tax, Trusts & Probate Team