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Legal News | 8.12.23

Five Gold Rings

While many of the population will be focused on opening their advent calendars during these first few days of advent, others will be ensuring they get their views submitted to the Law Commission by the 8 December deadline.

The Law Commission is seeking views on electronic wills and the risks posed by predatory marriage.

Specifically, the Commission is:

  1. consulting on whether electronic wills should be allowed in light of technological and societal developments, ensuring the law remains fit for purpose.  Regular readers will be aware of the fact that during the pandemic the UK allowed wills to be witnessed virtually and that much of our law surrounding wills dates back to 1837.   In an increasingly digital world, it is no surprise that electronic wills remain a topic for debate and potential development.
  2. seeking views on whether marriage or civil partnership should continue to revoke a will, given concerns about predatory marriage and vulnerable people.  If a person marries/enters a civil partnership then in most cases any pre-existing will is revoked, and the intestacy rules can mean that their new spouse/civil partner may inherit most or all of their estate.

Wansbroughs will keep up to date and will provide future updates on the outcome of the consultation, so if you want to focus on your advent calendar in the meantime you can relax and do just that!


Posted By Our Wills, Tax, Trusts & Probate Team