Will Disputes & Inheritance Act Claims

In an increasingly litigious society, it is perhaps no surprise that there is a growing number of contentious probate cases where the validity of Wills is challenged, gifts or other transactions are questioned and maladministration of estates is alleged.
We can help you with practical solutions in what are often complicated and distressing situations.
We can help whether you are an executor or trustee, a beneficiary or a relative. We have helped people like you in a wide range of claims where settlements (by mediation or otherwise) have frequently been achieved without the risk, cost and uncertainty of Court action. Our longstanding contact with, and knowledge of, specialist barristers and chambers often proves to be highly useful, whether or not Court action is ultimately required.
We will deal with your contentious probate claims sensitively, with a view to reaching the best practical solution for you, in an area where costs and risks are high and require clear and balanced advice.