Post-Death Will Variations

On death, an individual's assets are distributed according to the terms of their Will or, if they did not leave one, according to the rules set down by law. Sometimes, perhaps when a Will has been made many years before or there is no Will, the deceased person’s estate does not pass as the beneficiaries want - either from a tax or personal point of view. Many people do not realise that there is a two-year period following a death during which this distribution can be varied with the consent of the people who benefit. This is particularly useful if a variation can make tax savings, or better suit the individuals' requirements.
We can also help with applications to Court to have variations approved on behalf of children under the age of 18, who cannot approve on their own behalf.
As there is a two year limit, the sooner you contact us the better; you might be surprised at the potential tax savings that can be made.