Your Wealth, Your Decision...or is it?


Testamentary freedom is the concept that you can, within your Will, leave your wealth to whomever you wish - whether by outright provision or by placing assets into a trust. The recent case of Cowan v Foreman reaffirmed the English Court’s commitment to upholding testamentary freedom wherever possible, by rejecting Mrs Cowan’s application to receive her inheritance in the form of outright legacies instead of through the trusts set up by Mr Cowan’s Will.

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Prohibition on landlord letting fees


New legislation designed to ban landlords and letting agents from charging certain fees to tenants comes into force on 1 June 2019 and landlords need to be aware of the changes to avoid falling foul of the rules.

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Wansbroughs Solicitors Proudly Announces Promotions


Wansbroughs Solicitors are delighted to announce that, from 1 May 2019 Sarah Alexander from the Residential Property team and Kathryn Smith Cowap and Jennifer Vooght, both from the Private Client team, have been promoted to Partners in the firm.

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Commercial Quarterly Update April 2019


Brexit - Get Real! With the political situation and process so unclear many people have asked what the legal position will be following Brexit coming into being. Many have thought that EU Law will disappear but that is simply not the case.

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Don’t be an April Fool this tax year


April, the favoured month of practical jokers. One thing that may not bring a smile to your face, however, is the beginning of a new tax year. Nevertheless, we wanted to update you on some of the developments you can expect in tax year 2019-20.

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Rogue Attorneys


An LPA for Property and Financial Affairs gives your chosen attorneys substantial powers to deal with your assets. This case highlights the importance of appointing attorneys whom you trust; whether this be your spouse, children, a friend or a professional.

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