A Reprieve on Grant of Representation Fee


The Secretary of State for Justice, Robert Buckland has announced that threatened plans to significantly increase probate fees have been scrapped

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What businesses should be thinking about with a No Deal Brexit on the horizon


With a potential No Deal Brexit on the horizon there are several important areas businesses should be addressing. Although preparation will be different for everyone our advice may assist to keep your business running smoothly. We have summarised the main areas below and will be supplying you with Fact Sheets over the next few weeks with more detailed information.

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Commercial Quarterly Update October 2019


Do you rent out a property in Wales? We recently acted for a client who inherited a property in Wales with a tenant in possession. When it comes to the rules on dealing with the property as a landlord including evicting the tenant in order to sell the property, Wales operates on a different basis to English tenanted properties and this can catch landlords out.

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Is it a gift or is it a loan – how are they treated on death?


A gift can be: - Anything that has value, such as money, property or possessions - A loss in value when something is transferred, for example, if you sell your house to your child for less than it is worth, the difference in the value counts as a gift.

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Delays in the Probate System


The year began with the announcement that the probate service would be closing various probate registries and moving to a new computerised system, aimed at streamlining the probate application process. However, as the year has gone by it has become clear that the transition is not going to happen smoothly.

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Who inherits after simultaneous deaths?


When 79-year-old Mr Searle and 69-year-old Mrs Searle were both discovered dead in their home, it incited a debate over who died first. Mr and Mrs Searle each had separate children from former marriages and both died without a Will. Now the two families are at war asking the High Court to decide who is entitled to inherit the house valued at around £300,000.

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