Lasting Powers of Attorney and Discretionary Management Powers


When Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) replaced their more simplistic predecessors (EPAs) in 2007, an opportunity arose whereby the person making the LPA (the donor) could include more specific guidance for their attorneys than had previously been possible. While a few clients chose to stipulate that their attorneys must not, for example, invest in companies supporting certain political parties, far more chose to provide no additional guidance, instead leaving the decision-making in the hands of their carefully chosen attorneys without restriction.

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CN v Poole Borough Council: Application for Permission to Appeal


“The claimants have applied to the Supreme Court for permission to appeal against the decision of the Court of Appeal. A detailed note on the Court of Appeal’s decision is available here. The defendant’s solicitors have been told by the Supreme Court Registry that the application for permission will be placed before the justices for their consideration this week, and that a decision will be notified to the parties. When the defendant’s advisers are officially informed of the outcome of the permission application, a further news item will appear here. The defendant is represented by Edward Faulks QC and Paul Stagg, instructed by Rob Hams of Wansbroughs.”

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Oliver Price’s Weekly GDPR Blog #20 – ICO’s New Fees Announced


This week the Government announced a new charging structure for data controllers. The fees are tiered based upon the financial size by turnover and number of staff and as follows:

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Oliver Price’s Weekly GDPR Blog #19 – Data Management – Be Strategic


During a recent seminar I discussed the pros and cons of data management. Dealt with properly, a data audit and data management require us to ponder how we are using data. A number of people attending my seminars have gone away to do just that. Some have reported that with marketing lists, they have been reducing the size of them to ensure that only those on the list who opt in are kept there.

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Are your attorneys ready to ‘spring’ into action?


Now that winter is behind us, the renewed energy of spring provides the perfect opportunity to review your affairs. One point to consider is Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs).

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Are you getting what you paid for?


If you are lucky enough to receive a £100 voucher, you might be rather disappointed to be told by the shop that you can only have £70 worth of goods in exchange. Quite rightly, you want what has been paid for!

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