Are your attorneys ready to ‘spring’ into action?


Now that winter is behind us, the renewed energy of spring provides the perfect opportunity to review your affairs. One point to consider is Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs).

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Are you getting what you paid for?


If you are lucky enough to receive a £100 voucher, you might be rather disappointed to be told by the shop that you can only have £70 worth of goods in exchange. Quite rightly, you want what has been paid for!

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Oliver Price’s Weekly GDPR Blog #18 – Cloud Thinking


From various conversations with clients this week, a number of people are now making real preparations for the arrival of the GDPR on the 25 May 2018. You are now asking for documents, having completed data audits and determined the areas that you need to work upon. In terms of lawyers’ input, it is mostly in relation to trading terms, privacy statements and data protection policies. I have also been asked frequently about cloud computer arrangements.

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Not yet ready to tie the knot?


Looking to set up a home with your partner but not yet ready to tie the knot? You are not alone. The Office for National Statistics states that there are now around 3.3 million cohabiting couples in the UK . But, contrary to popular opinion, cohabitation does not give you the same rights and privileges as marriage. Here are just a few things you may wish to consider before embarking on the next chapter of your relationship.

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Oliver Price’s Weekly GDPR Blog #17 – Are we a step closer to the end of automated nuisance calls?


If like me you do not welcome unsolicited nuisance callers whose first line might be “I hear that you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault” then you might be heartened by the two biggest fines that have been levied against companies misusing big data in the last few weeks.

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Friends with (Inheritance Tax) Benefits


As reported in the national news, two men, both heterosexual, have married in Eire to avoid a colossal charge to inheritance tax in relation to a property. The case may be in the Republic of Ireland but is still of interest. The circumstances have been deemed “perfectly lawful” despite several potentially problematic provisions contained in the Irish Marriage Act 2015. Mr Murphy and best friend Mr O’Sullivan, decided to marry upon discovering that €50,000 would be due in tax on the death of Mr Murphy because of his choice to leave his property to someone other than his spouse by the terms of his Will. The circumstances surrounding this situation however, also turn on the fact that Mr O’Sullivan acted as a carer for Mr Murphy without remuneration.

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