Oliver Price's Weekly Wansbroughs GDPR Blog #2


Information Commissioners Office Fee and Registration Changes With 223 days until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on the 25 May 2018 Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner has provided some information this week about registration and fees.

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Why Brucie Played His Cards Right


Following the death of Sir Bruce Forsyth this summer, various tabloids and websites went into overdrive, penning not only nostalgic stories on his life and decades-spanning career, but also articles appearing to question the correctness of his tax planning technique and tarnish his hitherto ‘squeaky-clean’ image.

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Oliver Price's Weekly Wansbroughs GDPR Blog


This is my first blog about the general data protection regulations which will come into force on 25 May 2018 that is in 232 days.

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New Debt Collection Protocol


From 1 October 2017 a new Pre-Action Protocol comes into force in relation to Debt Claims. The aim of the Protocol is to encourage early communication between the parties, and, ultimately try to avoid costly litigation.

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New Corporate Offences of Facilitating Tax Evasion


On 27 April 2017 the Criminal Finances Bill received Royal Assent. The Criminal Finances Act 2017 (“the Act”) is expected to come into force during the autumn and on a date that the Government has yet to announce.

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Abuse of Power


A retired Court of Protection judge, Denzil Lush, has recently made headlines with his comments about powers of attorney and the opportunities they allow for financial abuse.

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