Blood runs thicker than water


Families can be complicated and the rise in “blended families” introduces a modern strain to the existing hurdles of life. The term “blended families” roughly translated means families consisting of a couple and their separate children from prior relationships. Whilst very common in today’s society, what happens when the bank of mum and dad becomes the bank of step-mum and dad? What happens when step-mum isn’t as keen to provide towards her step-daughter’s university fees? What happens when step-dad does not want his estate to be shared between his wife’s family?

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Executor on the Hook


A recent case in the First Tier Tax Tribunal is attracting attention in the press. Under images of a tropical paradise unfolds the story of a personal representative who may be left personally out of pocket to the tune of £340,000 after a beneficiary left the country for Barbados with the estate’s funds.

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Is your business ready for the World Cup fever?


The 2018 FIFA World Cup football tournament in Russia has kicked off. The Word Cup fever should not be regarded by your business as a negative. You should embrace this opportunity to boost staff morale and consequently maximise your employees’ engagement and productively in your business.

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Oliver Price's GDPR Vlog #5 - Data by Design and Default


The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes are now in effect. Follow the link below to hear my latest vlog.

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“Where there’s a Will, there’s a way”...


... but only if that Will is valid! This month, a woman walked out of the Court of Appeal with the entire fortune of her late husband, despite a Will written in 2012 only leaving her £15,000 and the rest to his son and grandson. The 2012 Will was not executed correctly and therefore was not binding, and as a result his estate passed in accordance with the terms in his previous Will, written 15 years earlier.

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Oliver Price's GDPR Vlog #4 - Overconsentivisation


The changes coming into effect on 25 May 2018 are nearly upon us. Follow the link below to hear what I have to say about consent.

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