Oliver Price’s Weekly GDPR Blog #23 – An Interesting Week in the World of Data

Earlier this week the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook story hit the press. Following a Channel 4 investigation it was widely reported that Cambridge Analytica is alleged to have interfered with elections and created a Facebook App using some 50 million US citizen’s data.
Last Tuesday Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner, was attempting to obtain a Warrant to access and seize data from Cambridge Analytica and the High Court adjourned her application which was then heard last Friday. She was granted her warrant and we await to hear from her what she has found there.
Last week I was with Action Coach and presenting on the GDPR changes to their business members. There were two things I said about the Cambridge Analytica case. The first point, which I have been making for quite some time is that data should now be regarded in much the same way as money. The impact of a data breach on share values can be quite dramatic. For example, whilst Facebook’s share value may recover, the news of the data leak led to it losing over $50 billion in market value.
The other point to make is that we can expect the Information Commissioner to acquire greater powers to search and seize computers and documents when there has been a data breach. It is evident from Elizabeth Denham’s comments that she is unsatisfied about needing to go through a High Court process to pursue a Warrant for access. New regulations are likely to give her greater powers than she presently has to address that issue.
I am on leave for the next two weeks as I have a Court trial in the Midlands followed by an Easter holiday. Further GDPR Seminars are planned to take place on the 26 April and 3 May 2018. If you would like further details about these free seminars please contact my Marketing Manager Renee Gardi on renee.gardi@wansbroughs.com
I wish you all a very Happy Easter.
29 March 2018

Last updated 29/03/2018