Oliver Price’s Weekly GDPR Blog #19 – Data Management – Be Strategic

During a recent seminar I discussed the pros and cons of data management. Dealt with properly, a data audit and data management require us to ponder how we are using data. A number of people attending my seminars have gone away to do just that. Some have reported that with marketing lists, they have been reducing the size of them to ensure that only those on the list who opt in are kept there.
Data should now be regarded as an asset, to be nurtured in much the same way as other business assets. So for example, now may be the time to decide that you will work much harder with your marketing list and ensure it is kept up to date and that all the marketing recipients have opted in and want to receive your marketing output. Wetherspoons decided, rather too drastically in my view, to dispose of their marketing information because of consent issues.
There is still time to email out to marketing recipients and check this out before the 25 May 2018. Undoubtedly those with a clear strategy will see this as not just another compliance headache, but an opportunity to grow their business.
19 February 2018

Last updated 19/02/2018