Oliver Price’s Weekly GDPR Blog #12 – Twelve Practical Points to get you ready for the GDPR

If you have attended one of my seminars you will know that I offer up ten practical steps to get ready for the GDPR. Those are below along with links to two Christmas “gifts”:
1.Awareness – who are the decision makers in our organisation and who do you need to tell about the GDPR and when? 
2.Information audit – how do you presently document what information you hold, where it is held and in what form? 
3.Data Security – what arrangements do you have in place? 
4.Subject access requests – these become free and may become more frequent. Do you have a system for this? 
5.How do you lawfully process your data i.e. what is the present system, do you bother with consents or rely upon implied consent and do you need to change that? 
6.Children – are you only dealing with adults or does your business have any children for whom you process data? There are significantly higher level restrictions for processing the data of children. 
7.Data breaches – You must have a system in place for dealing with this. Do you need to undertake a review of that system and have some templates in place, bearing in mind the short 72 hour period that you will now have for reporting these to the ICO and then, without delay, to data subjects. 
8.Geography – do you need to speak to any foreign partners or offices and work out what they are doing? 
9.Who is your Data Protection Officer? Do you need one, and if so how do you go about deciding who to appoint? 
10.Keep up to date – the detail may change in coming months.
A Quiz – please contact me if you would like to receive the answers! Click here for the quiz
The link to the next GDPR seminar I am running at the Cumberwell Park on the 11 January 2018. Click here for details.
Lastly, I have enquired of the ICO how the arrangements for data breach reporting will work. The need to report all breaches I have suggested may result in a twin track approach (for those less and more serious), I hope to share her answer in the New Year!
I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas.
21 December 2017

Last updated 21/12/2017