Oliver Price’s Weekly GDPR Blog #8 – Keep Data under Lock and Key

This week I presented a seminar to the HR Dept at their annual conference. HR professionals are well used to the importance of managing sensitive information and some interesting issues came up.
Last week the Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham mentioned data security in her blog. During my talk I mentioned the recent case for Construction Materials Online Limited a Plymouth based company who is subject to an SQL computer attack and lost some 669 customer account details. They were fined £55,000 because their cyber security, including password protection, fell below acceptable standards.
Contrasting with that decision, Honda, the car manufacturer were fined £13,000 for sending over 343,000 marketing emails. The ICO found that the consent arrangements were not satisfactory with the new General Data Protection Regulation. Fines may increase and it is therefore important to audit your data and ensure that it is kept as securely as possible. Now is the time to deal with it.
24 November 2017

Last updated 24/11/2017