Silence isn’t necessarily golden…it really is good to talk


In a world of blended families and increasingly complex relationships, it is not always easy to keep everyone happy. One key piece of advice we give to our clients is to talk to their families about the decisions they are making so that those family members understand what is being done and why. This is particularly relevant when clients are making a Will because while the reasons for a particular decision may seem obvious to the person making the Will, for those left behind, it is not always as clear and can be the cause of much distress and disharmony.

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Your Wealth, Your Decision...or is it?


Testamentary freedom is the concept that you can, within your Will, leave your wealth to whomever you wish - whether by outright provision or by placing assets into a trust. The recent case of Cowan v Foreman reaffirmed the English Court’s commitment to upholding testamentary freedom wherever possible, by rejecting Mrs Cowan’s application to receive her inheritance in the form of outright legacies instead of through the trusts set up by Mr Cowan’s Will.

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ICO Fines - Why you should ensure personal data is secure...


Since the implementation of GDPR in May 2018, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) have now started to impose fines on companies for failure to adhere to the new regulations. Wansbroughs will be keeping an eye on this topic and reporting any future updates. A couple of recent case examples are detailed below.

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Statutory maternity, paternity, adoption and sick pay changes for April 2020


Proposals for increases to statutory benefit payments have been made by the Department for Work and Pensions in the members library of the House of Commons.

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National Living Wage / National Minimum Wage changes for April 2020


Following recommendations by the Low Pay Commission in Autumn 2019, the government has decided to increase the national living wage (NLW) and national minimum wage (NMW).

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Christmas Time – Mistletoe and Wine...and Wills


As the festive period approaches and you’re busy making preparations for the big day, remember that Christmas can be a golden opportunity to sit down with your loved ones and talk about your plans for the future.

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