Collaborative Law

Traditionally when couples separate they each seek their own independent legal advice. With the assistance of their lawyers, couples try to reach an agreement as to how they will resolve their differences whether that be how they will share their finances or indeed how they will continue to care for their children. If couples, through their lawyers are unable to reach an agreement as to how they may resolve their differences, it may become necessary to involve the Family Courts to assist the couple in reaching a resolution.
The collaborative approach to family law offers couples an alternative to the more traditional approach to dealing with separation issues. Rather than becoming involved with adversarial negotiations through their lawyers, couples can sit together, in the same room, with the help of their chosen collaboratively trained lawyer, and all work together to reach a resolution.
This process affords couples a greater degree of control in reaching what they perceive to be a fair resolution and in the process, minimising the pain involved in family breakdown.
The collaborative process will not suit all couples, and for the process to be successful, it requires people who have the right frame of mind to make the process work.
The difference between the collaborative approach and the traditional approach to family law is that the collaborative lawyers sign an agreement with their client at the outset of negotiations which will prevent them from representing their client in Court if the collaborative process breaks down. This means that the collaborative lawyers are committed to assisting their client in finding the resolution they want to achieve.
The collaborative approach is attractive to separating couples in that they have comfort in knowing that they are in control of the negotiations, setting a pace with which they are both comfortable, in the knowledge that they are working together without the threat of Court Proceedings looming and most importantly of all, that they will be making their own decisions, not a Judge.
At Wansbroughs, we offer the expertise of a collaboratively trained lawyer who will guide and advise you through a new and dignified approach to family separation.
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