Adoption & Special Guardianship Orders

Adoption Orders

The effect of an adoption order is that the child becomes a child of the person(s) who applied for the order and ends theparental responsibility of their birth parents. In the case of a “step-parent” adoption, only the rights of the child’s “other”birth parent are extinguished.  Adoption is a lengthy process and can be complex. We recommend you obtain advice on your individual circumstances. 

Special Guardianship Orders

Special Guardianship is intended to provide another option for permanence for a child who cannot grow up in their birthparents care. A Special Guardianship order gives the Special Guardian parental responsibility for the child which will usually last until the child is 18. Unlike Adoption orders, these orders do not remove parental responsibility from the child’s birth parents, but allow the Special Guardian to override the parents if needed to protect the child or promote their best interests. If you are considering Special Guardianship, we recommend you make an appointment to obtain advice on your specific circumstances.
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