A Fine Day Out at Dorney Lake


JLL Property Triathlon 2017,Wansbroughs' teams surpass themselves at Dorney Lake

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Funeral plans - do I need one?


You would think, from daytime TV advertising, that not to have a pre-paid funeral plan is to leave your family at risk of hardship, but is that true?

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GDPR: The Data Protection stakes just got higher.


In the protean landscape that has come to typify the interaction between personal data, the digital world and the law, things are about to change again. Following years of consultation and debate, on 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations will take effect in every EU Member State, bringing with it significant reforms.

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The New Nil Rate Band - Don't Panic!


From 6 April 2017, estates could benefit from an additional £100,000 tax-free allowance. Broadly, the requirements for this residential nil rate band (RNRB) are that a testator’s lineal descendants (children, grandchildren etc.) inherit an interest in a residential property in which the testator lived at some point prior to their death.

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Death and (more) taxes


Those two certainties in life, death and taxes, are only reinforced by the probate fee increases set to come into force in May 2017.

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Rates Revaluation 2017


Business Rates and the Governments 26 billion pounds per annum are typically the largest overhead for most businesses and organisations. After postponing the 2015 business rates for evaluation for two years the 2017 rates fee valuation which will apply from the 1 April has been well publicised.

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